What Shippers Need to Know

How Does the FCA Certification Process Affect an Importer’s or Shipper’s Role in Transporting Division 1.4G Consumer Fireworks?

The biggest difference is, for shipments certified by an FCA, the importer or shipper will be required to maintain a paper record or electronic image of the certification when the fireworks are in transportation, and the importer or shipper must keep a record of the certification for five (5) years following import of the fireworks. The certification record must be made available to an authorized official of a Federal, State, or local government agency upon request (see § 173.65(b)).

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What if the Carrier Refuses to Transport Fireworks Assigned an FC Number?

While our intent is to notify all sktakeholders in the Division 1.4G supply chain of the new FCA certification option, we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive the information before FCA-certified fireworks are being transported. We recommend that an importer or shipper contact its carrier in advance to make them aware of the new FCA option, and send them a copy of Fireworks Certification Procedures - Compliance Assistance Guide HM-257 Final Rule, July 2013 and 49 CFR § 173.65.