Certification Process


In most cases, APT can provide an FC number to the applicant within 24 – 48 hours of receipt of the application.

Information needed for application includes:

  • Name, address, telephone and fax numbers of the manufacturer and U.S. Agent, if applicable
  • A detailed description and diagram of the fireworks
  • A complete list of the chemical compositions, formulations, and quantities used in the fireworks
  • The results of the thermal stability test
  • A signed certification declaring that the fireworks for which certification is being requested conforms to the APA Standard 87-1, that the descriptions and technical information contained in the application are complete and accurate, and no duplicate applications have been submitted to PHMSA


Client sends application and payment to APT.


APT reviews application.


If the application complies with APA Standard 87-1 for a 1.4 G consumer firework and passes thermal stability test, APT issues FC number and certification letter to the client.


If the application does not comply with APA Standard 87-1 for a 1.4 G consumer firework and/or does not pass the thermal stability test, the application will be rejected. APT will notify the applicant the reason why, and in most cases, will provide recommendations to be certified.